All our smaller bags, from 10kg up to 80kg are bailed into batches of 500pcs and all the 500kg, 1ton as well as slings are all bailed in 25pcs.

We also offer arrangements for the holding of stocks on the floor in our warehouse to eliminate the normal lead times of 3 to 4 weeks out of season and 4 to 6 weeks in season. i.e., unbeatable delivery times.


We have 100 looms running at all times weaving different colour cloths for the manufacturing of all our smaller bags, 10kg to 80kg.

We are also able to print up to 6 colours per bag. Our cloth sizes range from 40cm up to 72cm wide and come in rolls of 1000 metres. We also do all our own extruding with the latest machines.


Our larger looms are able to accommodate the cloth that we use to produce the 500kg, 1ton and 2ton bulk bags as well as for the 1ton and 2ton slings.

All our cloth is manufactured with UV stabiliser to protect against the harsh African sun.